Canadian Photographer pursues compassion in crisis

'Hurricane Isaac creates acute need for humanitarian action in Haiti.'

This is news. But what doesn’t usually make the news are the people who provide the assistance. The people who face danger and adversity to help others. The humanitarians.

Juozas Cernius, international photographer, born and raised in London, Ontario, and co-founder of Forward Factory, has started a long-term, photographic documentary.

Announced on August 19, World Humanitarian Day, The HUMANitarians - the Faces, the Places, the Challenges will open the curtain to providing aid. Working together with major international organizations, such as MSF (Doctors Without Borders) and IRC (Red Cross), this project will pay tribute to the personalities behind the scenes.

The HUMANitarians will focus on the situational, cultural and personal difficulties individuals encounter with major emphasis on emotional aspects. It will offer short essays and professional photographs from field operations with special attention to contributing Canadians. It will capture work and leisure with spontaneity and in intimate detail.

Cernius believes that The HUMANitarians will be a real inspiration to a wider audience and invites public involvement  throughout the development and execution of his initiative. Visit his public campaign to learn about the details, to claim your perk and to spread the word. Help him make a difference.

See the campaign here:

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