Lead Story 2013/11/12 - The Treasures bring their back-to-basics sound to CTO Nov. 12

Embarking on their first cross-Canada tour, Toronto based folk-rockers The Treasures return to London November 12th.  Playing Call the Office with American folk band Twin Forks, the Treasures offer a pleasing mix of classic twang, contemporary melodies and just the right amount of heartache.

Their album Bring the Night Home, released earlier this year, is raw and intimate. It’s a sound the band strives for. “I think a lot of people are refreshed to hear our music.” says Duncan Davies, guitarist and one of the band’s many vocalists. “A lot of the stuff people are inundated with these days is pretty plastic sounding. So it’s nice to hear music that breathes.”

No strangers to life on the road, The Treasures have learned the key to a good tour is patience. Sharing the close quarters of a van and leaning on the hospitality of friends can be trying but the rewards pay off. Not only are they able to funnel their experiences into some great tracks, they get to do what they love.

“How many people are lucky enough to play for a living? Us and little kids” jokes bassist and vocalist Liam Cohl. “We’d be doing this as much as we can all day at home anyways, so it’s just great to get the opportunity to do it in front of other people.”

From intimate venues to party-like atmospheres, The Treasures are happy to play anywhere, so long as people are really listening.

There’s no shortage of talent in this five-piece ensemble, as they showcase a range of instruments and also share both vocals and song writing duties. It’s a trait they’ve picked up partly from the musicians that inspire them but more so from a desire to satisfy their combined creative voices.  Often called nostalgic, they can’t deny they’ve been influenced by the past. But the band is committed to creating something new, and they recognize they’ll have to travel to do so.

As for the elements that have led to their success, Davies explains “It’s like a Jenga tower. You can’t just pick any one block.” Excited to head further west than Windsor for once, The Treasures main goal is simply to break the ice, hopefully adding some new listeners to an already solid fan base.

Kaleigh Boyd is a freelance writer from London with a love of music and a BA in literature and creative writing. She is an avid bookworm and a writer of fiction and poetry


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