Lead Story 2013/11/17 - Jason R. Gray gives away his Golden Hour

After London filmmaker Jason R. Gray put the finishing touches on his latest film, The Golden Hour, he decided that the first audience for the film should be in his hometown at his favorite theatre.

This coming Monday, November 18th, Gray is hosting a free preview screening of the film at the Hyland Cinema.

“It’s an opportunity for people in London to see if before I take it away,” he explains. “The film is going to be officially released next year. I will be there, the cast will be there and my two crew members as well.”

The Golden Hour is an impressionistic narrative that Gray describes as “very character driven”. The IMDB entry for the film explains it thusly: ‘Two lovers chase the last hour of light as it blooms and fades. He is losing himself and she is the keeper of his memory. There is no time. There is all the time in the world.’

“It goes by very quickly,” explains Gray. “It certainly doesn’t feel like its much longer than 20 minutes.”

Gray will be spending much of next year shopping the film around film fests in Europe and the US, as well as the Toronto International Film Festival and the Canadian Film Festival.

Gray knows he’s not the only filmmaker in London and sees the screening as an opportunity to meet up with his film contemporaries.

“If anyone else was doing something like my Hyland screening, I’d be the first person in line to see it,” he laughs. “I'm always interested in what people around me are doing.

“There are several filmmakers working here in town but no one really knows what each other is doing per se. We kind of work in these hidden corners and once in awhile something emerges.”

Another reason Gray is hosting the screening is to underline the point that London is a good place to make films.

“There's sort of a misnomer that you have to be in Toronto or Vancouver to make films but it simply doesn't make any sense,” he notes. “You can make films anywhere.”

Gray says that another advantage in shooting in London (about a third of the film was shot here) is the ease of navigating the issue of permits.

“London doesn't have a system set up here for filmmakers so there aren't as many permit issues here as in Toronto or Vancouver.”

Next for Gray is a feature-length film, which he says The Golden Hour has prepared him for. “For me The Golden Hour is also a showcase of what's to come,” he says.

“I have very high hopes for how I hope it will be received.”

Click for The Golden Hour trailer


If You Go:

What: The Golden Hour preview screening
When: Monday, November 18 at 9pm.
Where: The Hyland Cinema, 240 Wharncliffe Rd. S at Elmwood Ave, London, ON
Admission: Free.

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