Have Your Say! The Best of 2013


Remember that concert you hoped would never come to an end? What about that play or dance recital that brought you to your feet for a well deserved standing ovation? Or that art gallery exhibition where you wished you could have taken all of the pieces home with you?

As the year comes to a close, The Beat Magazine Online would like to hear from its readers regarding what they think was "The Best of 2013" in the London and area arts scene.

Take into account:
1. local community and professional theatre,
2. music concerts (pop, jazz and classic) featuring local performers,
3. dance recitals/shows featuring local dancers,
4. books released by local authors,
5. visual arts exhibitions featuring the work of local artists,
6. cinema produced by Londoners.

Nominate one or all categories. Give names, dates and venues and a short explanation of why you think your choice(s) should be considered "The Best of 2013."

Your choices will appear in a posting on https://thebeatmagazine.ca/ on December 31, 2013

Send your choices to Richard Young at .

Deadline for submissions is Monday, December 30, 2013.

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