Two Crown King deliver a fusion of funk, punk, rap and soul on self-titled EP

Two Crown King is a sextet whose formation began around a college friendship back in 2009. When you consider the fact that this group of guys have only been at it for about 3 years, you have to give them a lot of credit. Back to that in a couple of minutes.

Adam Dick, Sean Goodchild, Pat Maloney, Ajay Massey, Scotty Parker, & Jeremy Pimentel, are the men who promise to deliver on an infusion of funk, punk, rap, rock, and soul. This claim is backed by a 6 song, self-titled, EP which is available on their website It's free.

The first song, We Get down, delivers on their promise. What seemingly starts out as a rock song, it eventually evolves into rap, with an underpinning of funk, and soul by the second verse. It transitions back to rock with every chorus while respecting the other genres. What's most interesting is that you become so immersed in the song and its eclectic sound that the transition between genres goes completely unnoticed. This is their greatest success.

Sometimes, however, with a song like Never Trust The Weatherman, you get a feeling that they're relying too heavily on rap. While rap is prevalent throughout the album, I don't think they should have it as 'front-row, centre' as often as they do. It tailors to a very specific crowd. As a fan of pioneers like Dr. Dre, and as someone who can appreciate it as a form of art, I sometimes find rap to be tiresome because of its repetitive nature. Using it as a compliment rather than a staple might give it greater staying power.

The greatest thing these guys have accomplished is sounding different. Too many bands/musicians churn out the same thing these days. Not only that, but you also get the sense that all 6 guys have had creative input on every song. Assuming it's true, that's incredible. 6 guys, 6 genres, and 1 savoury auditory experience.

That's the best way to describe the EP. An experience. By the time you're done with the final track, Forever. Whatever. Goodbye., you'll be asking yourself, 'What the hell just happened?'. Better yet, throw this on the iPod at a party, and you'll have all your friends asking the same thing.

If you have never seen Two Crown King live, you should. They play London shows frequently, and have even started booking in Toronto. Luckily, London will always lay claim to where things started.

Blair Henatyzen is a London radio announcer and can be followed on Twitter @LdnOnt_Blair.


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