The Abyss Burrow - a figurative journey with superb dancing

The Abyss Burrow
London Fringe
By Vanessa Quesnelle
Concrete Drops, London, ON
Played by Vanessa Quesnelle
Fanshawe Theatre
June 8 to 16, 2012

The Abyss Burrow: A very figurative journey of one's life through time, but what is real and what is fiction? And why does it keep changing as it goes?

I went in expecting to see something rather scary and intense, but this piece was nothing at all like that. It was a story told through emotion and memories, with dancing to segue. At first I was not sure what the purpose was of the dancing, until I realized this person could either be dead or not quite conscious.

The Abyss Burrow is about a woman who ends up in a well, but has to go through a life's worth of memories and mud to get out of it. However, at the end of the play, it felt more to me like the woman was on the verge of life and death, with her whole life being recalled at that point in time.

Quesnelle is superb dancer. I was often mesmerized by the music and the dancing and would have to resettle to the particular memory when the music would stop. The dancing, however, made the experience and "non-reality" of what was happening seem even more unreal.

I feel like this play could easily be interpreted a million different ways depending on who you are or what you may be feeling at the time you see it. Hopefully my opinion and impressions will inspire you to create your own. Do see it, and decide for yourselves.

1 / 2   /   4

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