DISH Awards 2013: New Judges


The DISH Awards adds two new judges for year five!

I'd like to welcome our two new musical DISH Award Judges: Lynn Davis and Charles Martin.

Below are their personal bios.

Lynn Davis (Photo right), Director of Development at The Grand Theatre, loves live theatre. She has watched both of her children embrace performing on stage and feels blessed to work in the midst of London’s theatre community given her role as Director of Development at The Grand. She never aspired to the acting profession, but did enjoy her role in The Grand’s community play ‘The Dining Room’. Lynn adds, “I remembered my lines and didn’t trip – but once was certainly enough for me. I am in awe of this art form and have the utmost respect for those with the courage to pursue it.”

Charles Martin (Photo below) has been involved on and off with community theatre (acting, directing, stage managing) since 1990 when he played The Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, Elgin Theatre Guild. He is a hair stylist and makeup artist with twenty-five years of experience. He has been involved with two plays that have made it to the SouthWestern Ontario Drama League festival and acted in productions in LOAF and Fringe London.

With three musicals on deck, 2013 is already off to the races.

Donald D'Haene

Online Theatre Editor, The Beat Magazine

The Arts Project - Studio