Hipsters Have Feelings Too a fun and entertaining way to spend an hour

Hipsters Have Feelings Too
Xave Ruth, Toronto, ON
Venue 8 - APK Live
Written by Xave Ruth
Featuring: Xave Ruth
Warnings: Coarse Language
Runs Thursday, June 6 - 9:30pm, Friday, June 7 - 7:30pm, Saturday, June 8 - 9:30pm, Monday, June 10 - 7:30pm, Tuesday, June 11 - 9:30pm, Wednesday, June 12 - 7:30pm, Thursday, June 13 - 9:30pm, Friday, June 14 - 7:30pm
Approximate running time: 60 min
Tickets: $8

Hipsters Have Feelings Too is a charming little one man performance that mixes standup comedy and acoustic guitar into the perfect cocktail of wit, sarcasm, and self deprecating story telling. Xave Ruth tells us the story of his life from angsty death-metal teenager through sex-obsessed undergrad to modern self loathing hipster. He uses a unique combination of narrative, punctuated and furthered by some hilarious and wonderfully played songs, not to mention quick-change transitioning through everything from an argyle sweater and yellow framed lensless glasses to a kimono to entertain the audience from start to end.

I particularly loved the conversational way Xave spoke directly to the audience and the casual way in which he treated us all in the audience as friends. He is delightfully self aware and plays the crowd like a seasoned pro. He seems perfectly at home in the new APK inviting his listeners to grab a drink from the bar to improve his performance (it certainly wasn’t needed) and more than comfortable fixing the little technical glitches that occurred as he went along, pointing to them as a joke rather than letting himself be thrown.

Xave’s music is clever, smart and incredibly funny, he’s comfortable on the guitar and with his own voice and manages to add some great facial expressions and acting beats for a fully fleshed out performance. I saw the show with a few friends (one of whom is a hipster) and we all enjoyed the show, laughing, clapping, and tapping along.

All in all, Hipsters Have Feelings Too is a fun and entertaining way to spend an hour. A lot of the jokes are meant for an audience of younger adults between eighteen and thirty-five but the show is really a story about the comedy of growing up, the quest to find love, friendship, and one’s own personal style; an experience we can all understand, young or old. A little bit of coarse language might keep the younger ones away but this show is worth seeing if you know what a hipster is or not. Xave’s performance is refreshingly honest and that’s all we can really ask of a performer.

/ 4

Ryan Cole is a local actor, director and founding member of Richmond and Tower Productions.