Keith Brown – Exchange: Great family entertainment

Keith Brown – Exchange
Troupe Name: Keith Brown
Troupe Origin: London, ON
Written and performed by Keith Brown
Audience: General Entertainment
Directed By Talish Zafar
Venue: The Arts Project
Show Length: 50min
Performances: Continuing Friday, June 14 - 5:00 p.m., Saturday, June 15 - 9:30 p.m.; Sunday, June 16 - 3:00 p.m.

In 2011 Keith Brown won the "Impressario Award – Audience Choice" here at London's Fringe Festival. This enticed Sage and I into wondering what his style of magic was all about. His ten-year career as a magician shows in his confidence and ability to entertain and interact with the audience.

This year Mr. Brown's show, Keith Brown – Exchange is a definite hit! Sage and I agree it's a show highly worth recommending.

His opening trick caught our attention in that he truly hooked not only Sage and I, but the entire audience.  Keith was great at engaging us by asking questions that made us part of the act. Many had the chance to make choices that would directly affect the outcome of his tricks. It worked! Sage said she liked being asked questions and making choices. His show had good modern elements (only time I've been told to turn 'on' my cell phone during an act) to it as well as classic card memory tricks which he seemed to flow easily from one to the other.

He set us all up nicely for breathetaking reveals as he pulled off one trick after another, each seemingly intertwined with the previous one. There was always something being mixed with a joke or question that made Sage and I want to know more.  

Sage said afterwards she liked how he went out of his way to prove the props he was using were real by confirming with people it, "truly was a full bottle of real vinegar".

The stories Keith sprinkled through the show were interesting and told in an entertaining fashion. He told them in such a way that we could tell that his passion and confidence came from a longstanding love for his art. Keith’s quick fire jokes made for an overall entertaining experience.  Sage liked how he would seem to finish with a trick, but a few minutes later some extra point would come popping out and we were left sitting mesmerized with 'how'd he do that' looks on our faces.

Keith Brown's show - Exchange - is a must see! Wondering what else to see at this year’s London Fringe Festival? Make time to see this one! It will entrance you.

Both Sage and I give this a full 4 stars!

  /  4

Sage Reeder likes cherry tomatoes & monkeys. She is ten years old, enjoys running and would rather watch a play or movie than read a book.... but she kinda likes reading too!  

Shawn (Sage’s father) Reeder has an active lifestyle of hiking, biking & running. He is proud to be in his mid 40's & enjoys live entertainment for the audience/actor interactions.

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