Jill Price Process-ed exhibit at The Art Exchange, Jan. 8-26

An extension of artist Jill Price's ongoing examination of the effects of suburban culture, Process-ed is a new series of photo-based works that explore the interior landscapes of our existence. The exhibition and show is at The Art Exchange from January 8 to 26th.

Jill Price, Dri-ed, 2012, mixed media on Plexiglass, 24 x 24.jpg

Returning to her figurative roots, Price begins to inventory the numerous electrical inventions of convenience that occupy our kitchen cupboards and secretly undermine our physical ability to complete simple tasks with this show.

Playfully layering nostalgic photos of the romantic “housewife” beneath images of shiny appliances, it becomes obvious how we have become slaves to the machines as we endlessly work to assemble, organize, clean, repair and replace them. Plugged in like the appliances themselves, the works have been applied with paint, text and drawing in a need for the artist to reconnect with her own body and the importance of mark making within her practice.

What: Jill Price - Process-ed Exhibition and Sale
Where: The Art Exchange, 247 Wortley Road, London, ON
When: January 8th– January 26, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday, January 11th at 7:30pm

Website: http://www.theartexchange.ca/index.php

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