Why advertise in The Beat Magazine?


Reliable, widespread distribution:
We distribute 10,000 copies of The Beat Magazine on the 1st of September, December, March and June to more than 250 locations throughout London, St. Thomas, Port Stanley, Sparta, Stratford, Lucan and Oxford and Huron Counties, including Grand Bend and Bayfield.

Our website - thebeatmagazine.ca - offers a virtual copy of our current issue for those readers who prefer to read online. It is also updated daily with timely information and commentary on the London and area arts scene. It is the go-to resource for time-sensitive, 'breaking' arts and culture news.

Miss this issue's ad deadline and/or want to give your venue/event more exposure? No need to worry - reasonably priced online-only ad packages are available. Our website averages over 40,000 Page Views and 290,000 Hits monthly. In October 2012, we registered 44,414 Page Views, 13,189 Visits and 292,621 Hits.

In addition, The Beat Magazine has a very active Facebook page (with over 1470 page members) and Twitter account (over 2225 Followers) where your advertising message will be posted.

Loyal readers with a high disposable income:

The Beat Magazine is available at the area's leading art galleries, theatres, concert halls and music venues, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, boutiques and retailers - in short everywhere your potential customers congregate.

While our readers cover a wide age demographic from teens to seniors, most are thirty–plus, highly literate and well versed in the arts with a corresponding disposable income. Regardless of their age, one thing our readers all have in common is a passion for the arts scene in and around London.


The Beat Magazine has a long shelf-life:

As a high quality, full colour digest-sized quarterly publication, The Beat Magazine has a long shelf life. Readers retain the magazine as a reference. Our online Beat Events Calendar, a free listing of events taking place in and around London for the month, is one of our many popular website features. Your event will be listed in our Beat Events Calendar, as well as appearing in This Week At A Glance which greets readers on the Home page of our website thebeatmagazine.ca.

Our Advertising Rates Are Among The Most Reasonable In The Area!

The Beat Magazine's advertising rates have been set with the needs of prospective clients in mind - from long established venues and artists to independent shops and emerging artists. In comparison to other media outlets, they are among the most reasonable in the area.

Contact Publisher, Richard Young, for more information and a copy of The Beat Magazine's current Advertising Rate Card. .

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