Dairy-Free Love

Dairy-Free Love
London Fringe
By Victoria Murdoch
Savory Entertainment, Toronto, ON
Directed by Susan Wilby
Played by Victoria Murdoch
The Spriet Theatre
June 8 to 17, 2012

Dawn is just so sweet. I did my homework for this show and read the promotional material for a change and I really did not think Dawn would convince me, but she did.


I'm not a fan of cooking shows – never have been. I don't even enjoy cooking. However, there is honesty, emotion and appeal in Dawn's way of sharing her feelings via a YouTube cooking show that made me want to reach out to her and learn more about her as she told us the stories behind her concoctions – which by the way she actually makes on stage. Do try and ask for some at the end. You will not regret it.

Spoiler alert!!
In order to tell you how this play can reach you at an emotional level, I must share with you a few bits that touched me. In watching Dawn's YouTube cooking show, you learn that she spends the majority of her time alone as her husband spends a lot of his time on a Navy ship, and being allergic to lactose, she decides to create her own show that specifically aims to share recipes that are lactose free. However, in doing this, she has segments of the show where she answers questions from her viewers. We learn that deep down, Dawn is very lonely and is mostly trying to communicate with her husband who has been away much longer than usual. As emotional as it becomes, there is much that is funny to be enjoyed in the process – just enough sexual innuendo mixed with food, and chocolate... mmm chcolate, to keep you laughing and thinking if she actually said what you think she said.

There was this one particular question that really touched me personally, and I must share it because the message goes even deeper than the story. A viewer of Dawn's cooking show asked what she does with all the food she makes. Dawn reveals that she gives most of it to the Meals On Wheels guy the next morning. That touched me on a personal level since my mother volunteers for Meals on Wheels, and I find it is a service often forgotten or overlooked. So I give kudos to you Victoria Murdock for including that bit.

Dairy Free Love surprisingly inspired and moved me, and I think it will do the same for a lot of people. Try to take time to see this one folks. It may give you a new appreciation for that someone special in your life.

1/2  /  4

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